The We Are Indigenous: Big Worries/Fears, Parent/Caregiver Support Program is delivered through a series of
short online videos and activities supported by coaching sessions on the phone.  The telephone coaching calls
are between 30 – 60 minutes are typically booked every 2-3 weeks. Families can access 7-10 coaching calls over
an 8-12 week period

Parents/caregivers can expect to commit up to 45 minutes – 1 hour watching online videos and up to 75 minutes
to complete/review optional activities for each bi-weekly coaching session.

The We Are Indigenous: A Big Worries/Fears Program is a phone-based, parent-led, guided support program
available throughout British Columbia. We are committed to improving access to early interventions by reducing
barriers to support such as long wait times, cost, distance, and stigma.

Yes! All program services and materials are free to participants and phone calls take place on a toll-free line.

The We Are Indigenous: A Big Worries/Fears Program incorporates concepts from cognitive-behavioural therapy
(CBT)—one of the most effective treatments for anxiety, as well as Response Based Practice. The program was
developed by and currently operated by an Indigenous team, who bring their own knowledge of their cultures as
well as acute awareness of cultural safety with the systems we work within today.

The We Are Indigenous: A Big Worries/Fears Program can provide guidance when the early symptoms of big
worries and fears first arise, supporting children’s well-being at home, in community, socially and at school.

The role of your coach is to help you develop and practice effective skills, keep you motivated, answer questions
and support your progress as you complete the program step by step. Coaches don’t provide counselling or work
directly with your child. Instead, they support you to become the primary change agent for your child.

Coaches for the We Are Indigenous Program receive rigorous training and ongoing supervision from an
Indigenous clinical psychologist. Telephone coaching sessions are recorded and monitored for quality assurance
and training purposes.

Coaches are typically available to book coaching sessions during these hours:  

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 7pm 
Friday: 9am to 5pm 
Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Yes, we can put your file on hold for up to three months. If you would like to start the program within this
timeframe, please reach out to the program lead directly and we can set you up with a coach when you are

We can do conference calls so that both you and the other caregiver can be on the call at the same time from
different locations using different phone numbers.

If possible, we do encourage having both caregivers to be on the calls as it allows caregivers to engage in the
program and implement the tools together. It is necessary to have one parent/caregiver be continuously present
for all the calls.


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